A More Traditional Shop Vacuum Bosch GAS18V-3


Bosch Professional 18V System GAS 18V-10 L Cordless Wet/Dry Dust Extractor (excl. rec. bat.+charger, incl.1.6m Hose, Elbow pipe, 3-pc. extra Pipe Set, 250mm Crevice Noz., fl. Noz.+Flat-Pleated Filter) : Amazon.co.uk: DIY &


The Bosch GAS 18V-3 has features similar to traditional shop vacuums. It has a rigid hose and extension tubes that allow you to stand while using the tool. The hose is also quite sturdy and can hold its shape while supporting the user’s weight. Plus, you’ll never have to struggle with the springiness of a self-retracting hose.

Some of the Bosch’s strengths can also be considered weaknesses. The hose and extension tubes are stored on the outside of the machine, which makes the unit a bit bulky. Also, the hose doesn’t retract – it’s a fixed 72 inches long, which means you won’t get the increase in airflow that results from a shorter or retracted hose. That said, in the right scenario, this is a great machine.

Is there a charger for Bosch gas 18?

Bosch Gas 18 V Li Solo cordless vacuum cleaner – does not include batteries or charger.

Is the Bosch gas18v-3n a good vacuum cleaner?

The GAS18V-3N has plenty of suction. We will be using this vac throughout the building. Any place that a vac is needed and a cord is a problem. It is light enough to use while on a ladder and small enough to use from a lift. Bosch has always produced great tools.

What’s the suction rate of a Bosch gas 18V 10L?

From the toolcraze.net article I linked above, it states “It [GAS 18V-10L] has a suction rating of 90/mbar with 24/liters per second air flow”. The GAS 18V-Li has a suction rate of 40/mbar and airflow of 19.3l/sec according to the Bosch page . So the GAS 18V-10L will have more than twice the suction as the 18V-Li model.

Is the Bosch gas18v-3n a washable HEPA filter?

The Bosch GAS18V-3N is rated at 51 CFM and includes a washable HEPA filter. They don’t specifically mention it, but we can presume that going with a cellulose filter when you don’t absolutely need HEPA will boost the figure slightly. I also expect that we’ll see a bump in performance by using a Core18V battery.